Knowing your audience is the most important strategy for being a successful writer in general, and especially in the fashion industry. Who consumes fashion journalism, and why?

The short, obvious answer is women. Women want the latest fashion trends to flatter their body and self-esteem, make a statement about who they are, and to emulate women they see looking beautiful in fashion media.

It is not enough, though, to target women; that’s much too broad of an audience. One size certainly does not fit all in the writing (or fashion) world. Finding your niche, or area of expertise, in fashion and style writing should be your number one priority. It can be what you know best, whether that’s sophisticated professional attire, swanky clubbing outfits, bohemian dresses, or your own personal style. This will give you a base for your target audience.

Other factors come into play, such as age, income, lifestyle, location, hobbies, etc. A fashion journalist should know exactly who he or she is writing for. Putting yourself in the reader’s shoes is the best way to add value to your writing. What does your audience want to see and learn about? If you can answer that question clearly and consistently, you will be successful in creating engaging, quality content.

Start small with your reader base, and once you actually have an audience, you can think about branching out to more broad subjects within fashion. This is especially true in the case of fashion and style bloggers.