Why would you choose to be a fashion journalist? Here’s the fun part where we discuss all the perks that come with the job.

If travelling to Paris and Milan sounds like fun (and of course it does), you can experience that in this field. Attending elite parties and talking to celebrities is another glamorous job perk. Everyone likes free stuff, right? Yes, you get that too! You can also enjoy being back stage at fashion shows, talking to designers and models, and being the first to see new clothing lines. Anyone would find all of that appealing.

So, what does it take to be a fashion journalist?

First and foremost, obviously you must have a passion for writing and fashion. You have to want to immerse yourself in the industry, past and present. Creative thinking, excellent communication, and an eye for trends will help you be successful. You’ve got to be a people-person willing to go the extra mile to make vital connections and contacts in the industry. You will have to work hard and have the drive to keep going.

If all of that sounds like something you can do, you just might be able to have a fabulous career in fashion journalism.

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