Fashion Media

The fashion industry is becoming increasingly influenced by the internet, with fashion being the most purchased thing online.

Social media drives trends faster than any other method. In fact, style bloggers can become some of the highest paid individuals in fashion writing, with some blogs earning over $1,000,000 per year. Digital influence has completely reshaped the industry, and given way to thousands upon thousands of more jobs in fashion journalism. The opportunities one has now to become a writer are endless.

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Freelancing online is very popular and has it’s own pros and cons to consider. To start, most freelancers work from home and on their own schedule if they’re not traveling. Freelance writers create pitches and ideas for publications in order to sell their work. They can also use online job boards to take assignments, which can help build their portfolio and secure good reviews on their work. The downside to job boards is a freelancer may have to do work at very low prices, or in some cases for free, to get a foot in the door. Freelance fashion journalists are responsible for marketing themselves, finding their own clients, designing fun and creative pitches, negotiating prices and contracts, and having some sort of website or web page for their writing business. Freelancing can be good for beginners.

Conversely, securing employment at a publication is a bit less forgiving, but provides more perks, like a steady paycheck. A college degree in journalism or fashion may or may not be a requirement depending on the company. Having experience and a killer portfolio is important, and having connections in the industry can be even more important in many cases. Journalists may write on certain niches, or cover stories as they come. Most of the time, a writer with a publication will start off small and work their way up to more prestigious positions. Internships can be very valuable here.