As a fashion journalist, your readers will have better trust in you knowing that you’re well-informed and up to date. In order to find interesting and current subject matter, a journalist may use connections they’ve made in the industry, such as PR specialists, designers, and photographers. The bulk of their inspiration most certainly comes from making time to read frequently-and not just about fashion.

Staying up to date on politics, pop culture, art, and world news is just as important, as society reflects current events and attitudes through artistic expression in clothing design and style. A good fashion journalist will also be ahead of the curve by having an eye for upcoming trends and understanding how high-end and more common street style works. Watching or attending the twice-a-year “fashion weeks” plays a major role here.

Traditionally, designers release their spring lines in the fall, and their fall lines in the spring. A fashion journalist will pay attention to not only the pieces themselves, but the colors, shapes, and overall vibe of the clothing, as it will influence what styles retailers will make and sell for the upcoming season. Elite designer shows aren’t all there is to it, though. “Street style” scouting and window shopping are both important ways to determine what people are wearing and what styles are popular right now.

A newer, exciting method that’s becoming hugely important is essentially the digital version of street style-that is, beauty and style bloggers/vloggers. Bloggers are rapidly shaping and influencing fashion, so it’s quite important to pay attention to these trend-setters.